All my favorite things are asian. :)


You’re a black girl. You like indie music, you dress differently than your peers but you aren’t quite “Afro punk” enough.

You watch anime, read graphic novels but you aren’t quite “nerdy” enough.

You read Nylon mag, paper mag, etc and like what you see, but hate that you never see a brown face.

Your taste is eclectic, your style is eclectic, and you can’t be put in a category. 

If you’ve ever wondered where you belong or what you are, I have the answer.

You’re a LIONESS.

The What’s Underneath Project is one of the coolest things to witness. They are just putting males on it, but I feel like as a girl it’s awesome to see. A lot of people complained they only put people on that fit the “ideal” pretty, but I feel like hearing their struggles and how they got to be the way they are makes you so much more comfortable in your skin. 

Day 3 NYCC.

Disney meetup NYCC. My sister is Tiana.

Day two NYCC

My besties on day one.


Day one was batman day.

So NYCC is over and it was hectic but a blast. If you have any pictures of me send them! I was Fem Mr. Freeze friday for only a couple hours, Midna for Legend of Zelda saturday, and Ice Queen from Adventure Time sunday.

Look at who I met today! #yayahan #Nycc